What are microRNA?

A microRNA is a small non-coding RNA molecule (containing about 22 nucleotides) found in plants, animals, and some viruses, which functions in RNA silencing and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. [Wikipedia]

What is a dietary microRNA?

We consider a microRNA as a dietary microRNA if the microRNA exists in human food. Additionally, only parts of an organism which contains edible portions are considered dietary. This means that while humans have over 2500 microRNAs, only those that occur in human breastmilk are included as dietary microRNAs.

How do I submit data?

To submit data, you must first register with some very basic information, such as name, affiliation, and most importantly, email. To register, please visit the registration page and fill out the form and click submit. You should then click on the submit button in the menu to take you to the appropriate page.

I'm looking for a specific microRNA, how do I find it?

If you know the DMD id, you may look up that microRNA by entering it in the lookup form, located on the menu bar of every page. If you know its name, you can find it by going to the search page and, making sure search by name is selected, enter the name and click submit.

How does DMD keep track of all the data internally?

Please see thedatabase schema for reference.


To use this site, please refer to the navigation bar. It contains links to the home page, the browse page, the search page, the features page, the downloads page, the submit page, and the help page, which you're already on.

The Home Page

In the home page, you will find a brief introduction to the DMD database. There are some statistics on the right hand side about the microRNA in our database, as well as some dietary microRNA related news links.

The Browse Page

The browse page contains links to the various species of microRNA in the DMD database.

The Features Page

At SBBI, we use machine learning extensively and we generate many features for use when using support vector machines, we have provided some feature generation functions within this website.

The Downloads Page

To make our data accessible to researchers, we have provided an easy way to download information about various microRNA on this page.

The Submission Page

There are two functions for the submission page. First, if you would like to incorporate your research data into our database, please

fill out the information on the entry submission form. If you have raw data files and you would like to run it through our pipeline, please use the corresponding form on the page.